⬩ Travel more. Worry less.

Enjoy the journey.  If you only focus on the destination, you'll miss all the beauty and wonder along the way of getting there.

When my wife Bethany and I married just after college, we took that advice to heart. Our honeymoon was an entire month hiking and camping in National Parks across the country until the road ran out in San Francisco. There we rented a tiny apartment with almost no furniture: two mismatched sleeping bags for a bed and a kitchen table cobbled together from moving boxes. These choices to live below our means fueled our passion to keep exploring—across the street and around the world.

Over twenty years later, we are full of memories of standing together atop the Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China and Half Dome, or swimming in the Amazon, Jordan River and Pacific Ocean. I've slept on the streets to better understand homelessness and traveled across the country in a wheelchair to better empathize with others. Possessions come and go but these experiences last a lifetime.

Eventually our life unfolded into medical school, five children, and a full circuit back to where Bethany grew up. In 2020 we opened Trailblazer Coffee in Bristol to inspire you to take the next step on your adventure. 

Now, thank you for letting us be part of your story!

Mark Sah

Mark Sah, Founder

Mark looking at beans

Founder Mark Sah meeting coffee growers in Tanzania

hands holding beans

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